Beauty on a budget for you!

Make-up with added skincare benefits have fast become a favourite. They have the ability to address your skincare concerns at the core while enhancing your beauty. These products are at the top of our list and will soon be yours, too.

Popping peepers! 

The best way to attend any meeting is to look wide awake. A good mascara can do just the trick by simply lengthening and adding volume to your lashes. The Catrice MAX IT Volume and Length Mascara, R126, Superbalist is the newest kid on the block and does all of the work for you thanks to its innovative combination of brush and texture that is enriched with cellulose fibres that create that oh-so-desirable lash lengthening effect. 

My two scents! 

Elizabeth Taylor once said, ‘I never face the day without perfume’, and honestly, neither should you! We love a scent that leaves a lasting impression, even when you have long left the room and Lancôme Idôle Aura EDP, R980 25ml,, is one such scent. When it comes to exploring new fragrances, don’t be afraid to sample them in smaller sizes, rather saving your desired 100ml purchase for a big pay day. 

Making a statement

There is no better way to be the standout in a room full of corporate drones than by elevating your lip look with a pop of colour. With spring on the horizon, now is a better time than ever to indulge in dazzling hues. We love the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Colour, R189.95, Clicks. Their lipsticks create a modern statement with precise application making perfecting your pout one hundred percent easier.

These affordable options are sure to be having you glow at any show honey. Get them locked in your clutch today!

Written by Cynthia Gwebu