Tumi Voster’s Most Treasured Items


5FM DJ and TV Presenter Tumi Voster shares some of her favourite possessions with us.


My first car


If there was ever a gift I cherished it would be my first car which was an Opal Corsa Lite. My mother had bought it for me on my 18th birthday and although the car was written off a few years ago I will forever remember it as the best gift ever.

Good Jeans

A pair of really good denim jeans is a must-have. I don’t own that many so all the one’s I have are of the best quality.

Organic Root Stimulator


A head of healthy hair is important, that’s why I’m obsessed with Olive Oil’s Organic Root Stimulator products which help keep my hairline intact.

My Crown

If there was one item that defines me it would have to be a crown. When I was younger I did beauty pageants and this inspired me to do more within the industry. A crown represents leadership, confidence, sophistication and I would like to think that’s who I am.

My car

I had always dreamt of driving a Mini Cooper and let’s just say my dream has come true.

My Louis Vuitton Trevi bag


The one item I use a lot is my Louis Vuitton Trevi bag which I got while on holiday in Dubai. I put everything I need in it, and I have officially made it my go-to bag.