Remembering Luther Vandross with his classics


Arguably one of the greatest RnB singers that has ever lived, Luther Vandross would’ve been 65 today. To celebrate his life’s work we are having an all-day Luther day blasting some of the legend’s best music.

Here are the classics that made us fall in love, healed our broken hearts and helped many start their new lives in wedded bliss. For decades he stayed at the top of the charts and on playlists across the world; not many musicians can say that. He is sorely missed.

What are your classic Luther tracks?


1.Endless Love ft. Mariah Carey


2. Here and Now 


3. Never Too Much 


4. I Can Make It Better 


5. So Amazing 


6. Your Secret Love 


7. Power of Love 


8. The Closer I Get To You ft. Beyoncé


9. Dance With My Father


10. Buy Me A Rose


11. I’d Rather