Michelle Obama shares lessons learned from motherhood

Michelle Obama shares lessons learned from motherhood

Michelle Obama is sharing a few lessons she’s learned from motherhood the September issue of British Vogue. The issue which is guest-edited by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, celebrates 15 women she admires and considers Forces for Change.

In the issue, Michelle answers a few burning questions from the Duchess about motherhood among them, is the most important lesson she’s learned She said in part: “Being a mother has been a masterclass in letting go. Try as we might, there’s only so much we can control. And, boy, have I tried — especially at first. As mothers, we just don’t want anything or anyone to hurt our babies. But life has other plans. Bruised knees, bumpy roads and broken hearts are part of the deal.”

Michelle also shared the advice she gives her daughter. “What I hope my daughters will realise a little earlier is that there is no prescribed path, that it’s OK to swerve, and that the confidence they need to recognise that will come with time.”

Michelle Obama shares lessons learned from motherhood. Here’s a look.


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“Whatever your background, it’s easy to feel connected to Mrs Obama. There’s something magical about the way in which she draws you in with her endearingly frank, down-to-earth personality.” As First Lady of the United States, @MichelleObama forged a path as the nation’s mother-in-chief – and became a style icon in the process. Now, freed from White House protocol, she’s loosening up, but still dispensing immaculate advice. In a rare interview, she talks motherhood and maturity with #BritishVogue’s guest editor HRH The Duchess of Sussex @SussexRoyal. Read the full piece from the September 2019 issue via the link in bio. #MichelleObama photographed by @MillerMobley.

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