Stay in the know on all what's going on with all international celebs. See all the latest pics from celebs moms and kids like Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, and the all the top Instagram moments from Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. BONA has all the very best international celebs news. 

We love how these celebs have styled their plaits

Switch things up a bit and style your plaits in a different way for a fresher more unique look.

How celebs celebrated Mother’s Day

Here are a few of the heart-warming messages.

Rihanna releases a new shoe line

Would you rock these?

Alicia Keys is back

Listen to her new song, In Common here.

Two fans dance up a storm on stage with Beyoncé

These girls were ready! Proper Beyhive vibes.

Tia Mowry takes on body-shamers on social media

Have you been a victim of body shaming? How have you handled it?

Tasha Smith holidays in South Africa

Check out the pics and videos of all the fun she’s been having.

Celebs pay tribute to Prince

The news sent shock waves across the world.

Remembering Luther Vandross with his classics

Here are the songs that made us fall in love and healed our broken hearts.

Happy Anniversary to Tia Mowry and Cory Hardict

We take a walk down memory lane and check out their idyllic wedding again.
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