Alicia Keys shares advice she’d give people who struggle to say no

Alicia Keys shares advice she'd give people who struggle to say no

Award-winning musician Alicia Keys shared the advice she’d give people who struggle to say no in an interview with Times Live. The star who recently released her memoir More Myself shared that it took her years to learn to say no and now that she’s sharing that advice with her fans.

Image: Alicia Keys IG

When asked what advice she would give to people who always feel the need to impress by saying yes she said in part; “Man I would say just cut it out. Right now. Just stop.”

She continued; “There’s no way that you can make everyone happy and, honestly, it’s so tiring to have to keep up with what somebody else wants from you. I would share that I understand how that feels; I’ve been there so I get it. I know that it usually comes from the best of places, wanting to make people happy, from hoping that great things will come your way, from a dream that you might have and that you want to achieve. It all might come from a good place, but just stop because it’s impossible.”

She also shared how one should say no. She said in part; “I would say tune in to what you feel and start to practise what you actually feel. If a person asks you: “Hey, would you just do this for me?” and for whatever reason it’s not a good time for you, practise saying: “I would love to help, but right now I have to make sure that I’m paying attention to myself and I’m listening to myself and I’m helping myself.” And that’s OK. Whoever told us that helping yourself is something to feel guilty about?.”

Alicia Keys shares advice she’d give people who struggle to say no. Take a look at what she had to say.