Will Smith stars as Serena and Venus Williams’ father

Serena and Venus Williams

Award-winning actor, Will Smith has been cast to portray the life of Richard Williams; the father of iconic tennis legends, Serena and Venus Williams, in an upcoming biopic. The biopic, entitled ‘King Richard’ will also be produced by Will through his Overbrook Entertainment Company, with Zach Baylin writing the script.

Will Smith will star as Serena and Venus Williams’ father

With no formal tennis training, Richard Williams took tennis lessons from a man named ‘Old Whiskey’. He was inspired to raise his daughters to become the iconic tennis legends that they are after seeing Virginia Ruzica win a tournament in 1980. With a 78-page training plan which he famously outlined for Serena and Venus he began training with them on the run-down public courts in Compton. They later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend Rick Macci’s tennis academy.

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