Evolution of the Male Grooming Ritual

Gone are the days when the male grooming ritual consisted of showering, using deodorant and applying body lotion. Now more than ever, men from all walks of life are realising the importance of an extensive grooming routine.

Over the years, men all over the world have mastered the art of finetuning their grooming routine. We spoke to three Axe advocates to find out how they’ve changed their ritual over time.

TK Matakanye (Designer)

“Over the past ten years, my grooming ritual has changed from a very basic deodorant and moisturiser-focused routine to one that is a lot more thorough. My current routine includes regular haircuts and the use of products such as shaving cream and moisturisers. These products are a necessity because I am now a lot more aware of how much work goes into being well-groomed. A few crucial products have always been a part of my daily grooming ritual. I use a good cleanser and shower gel to start my day. On the other hand, moisturisers and sunscreen protect my skin from the elements and prevent it from drying out. I complete my routine with roll-on and deodorant to avoid having any funky odours.”

Kutloano “Da Kruk” Nhlapo (DJ)

“My grooming ritual has taken a drastic turn over the past ten years because of the skin problems I encountered growing up. I found myself spending at least 15 minutes a day on washing my face and exfoliating. I also try to drink lots of water and visit a barbershop for a cut, shave, facial and manicure every two weeks. But with the current lockdown restrictions in place, I bought myself a new pair of clippers to cut my hair.

“Although my routine has changed over the years, I’m really just a cold water, face wash and moisturiser kind of guy with a bit of exfoliation here and there. I’ve added a daily 2-in-1 face wash and exfoliator, a day and night cream to help with pigmentation and old scars.”

Andy “Kanye Dre” Tshizubu (Model) 

My grooming routine changed over the years, especially when I got to university. The amount of self-consciousness I had really influenced the changes I made. Face wash, a hydrating balm, moisturiser, exfoliating and detoxifying agents have always been part of the products I use for my face. For the rest of the body, it’s roll-on and body spray. Now that I’ve started growing my beard, I’ll have to use beard oils, balms and masks. In terms of the actual routine, I moisturise and use face wash every day to keep my skin clear and prevent it from drying out. I also exfoliate twice a week and use a detoxifying mask twice a month. Some of the other products I use daily are oil and hydration creams for my beard and body spray.”

It’s clear that the male grooming landscape has changed dramatically over the past years. And more change is on the way. Your best bet is to ride the wave and see which changes, if any, you can make to your routine.