Exercise Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive


It is well known that physical activity can improve various aspects of one’s health, as well as reduce the chances of contracting diseases. The annual Move for Health Day (Sunday, 10 May) encourages all South Africans to take responsibility for their health, by engaging in cost effective physical activities such as walking, playing soccer in the park or even just mowing the grass.

This Move for Health Day, 1Life encourages all South Africans to increase their physical activity to improve their overall health, which can also improve their savings, because healthier people tend to save on medical costs and pay reduced premiums on their life insurance policies too.

Remember that becoming physically active doesn’t mean purchasing expensive equipment or signing up for a gym membership. It could be as simple as:

  • Walking, cycling or running everyday around your garden, office or neighbourhood
  • Going hiking on weekends
  • Purchasing at home exercise DVDs
  • Downloading a fitness app that provides you with exercise sets to complete in a few minutes
  • Taking up a challenge with friends, such as 30 day abs or 100 squats a day
  • Creating your own boot camp in your garden and inviting friends to join in once or twice a week
  • Mowing the lawn or cleaning the house
  • Taking a walking tour of your city on weekends
  • Getting into the habit of taking your dogs for a walk in the mornings or after work
  • Signing up for once-off trail runs and night races – these are fun as well so you won’t even notice your exercising

This Move for Health Day, practice healthy lifestyle habits of your own, be a positive role model to those around you and ensure that you take the necessary steps for your peace of mind knowing that you and your family will always be financially protected. Mark the 10th of May in your diary and make the commitment to Move for Health!