Driving habits that are destroying your car


If you want your car to be in a good condition, you need to take care of it. Contrary to popular belief, regularly servicing it doesn’t guarantee this because most car problems are caused by bad driving habits. We spoke to Automobile Association spokesperson Layton Beard, to find out about some of the habits that are negatively affecting your car.

1.Revving the engine

Constantly revving your car can cause damage to the engine, especially when it is cold. This costs a lot of money to replace. Rather let it idle first, if you’re going to revv it.

2. Riding your clutch

Constantly riding your clutch will cause the plate to deteriorate, and eventually fail. Avoid this as often as possible.

3. Ignoring cracks

If you notice a crack on your windscreen, repair it as soon as possible. If you leave cracks for long, they may expand and become even more costly. Even worse, you can get a police fine.

4. Leaving your car in the sun for too long

This can cause the body paint to wear off. The sun can also damage your tyres, and this will shorten their lifespan.

5. Don’t have too many keys on your holder

This can damage sensitive ignition switch parts when you start your car. The heavyweight pulls down the ignition, causing it to wear down.

6. Carrying too much load on your car

Doing this doesn’t only consume more fuel, but it can badly affect your car’s control and braking abilities.

7. Driving too close to the car ahead of you

This puts you at risk of an accident, and increases the chances of stones hitting your car. Be cautious of cars carrying