How to deal with a controlling boss


Having a manager who is constantly on your case and micromanaging you can be frustrating. It can have a negative effect on your productivity, and also make you dislike your time in the workplace. Many employees are afraid of confronting their bosses, because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Fortunately, there are alternative ways of dealing with this without putting your career at risk. We spoke to business and development coach, Paul Swanepoel, who shared expert advice on what you can do. Here are his 6 tips:

1.It is important to know what your manager expects from you.

2. By doing what is expected, your manager has no reason to constantly be on your case.

3. Do a self-introspection to find out if you’ve been doing your job the way you’re supposed to.

4. Constantly provide updates and feedback.

5. Ask for your boss’s input.

6. If the situation gets worse, have a formal meeting with your manager:

a) State what is bothering you; state the reasons clearly, and show confidence in their leadership.

b) Present facts, because this will help you come across as trustworthy and professional.

c) Don’t challenge their authority, as this can make them feel threatened.

d) Bargain for a suitable solution for both parties.

e) Create goodwill and be humble.