Cycling with Dr Duda


We caught up with DJ and member of Mi Casa, Dr Duda who recently started cycling to get into shape. He told us about his experience so far, his health struggles and shares advice to help you stay healthy.

By: Keletso Modisakeng

 1.When did you start cycling?

Just over four months ago, and it’s been an incredible journey.

 2. Why did you opt for cycling and not another sport?

I have always had a gym membership, but never used it because I was lazy. So, I sat down and thought of activities that I did as a child, and truly enjoyed. I remembered how passionate I was about cycling, so I bought a bicycle. I am now hooked!

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 3. What keeps you motivated?

I lost 20kg in two months; that was enough to keep me motivated!

 4. Are you experiencing any outside pressure to lose weight, since you are a public figure?

I have never been one to let the public’s opinion change my views about myself. I think that you are what you allow. I am a chilled guy, so I work at my own pace.

 5. What are your health struggles?

The physical pain I feel when I work out. As your body gets stronger, you do more, and that still gives you pain. But, the results keep me going. Travelling and touring because of work is another challenge. At times, we finish performing and only get to the hotel in the early hours of the morning, which means that I can’t do a morning workout.

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 6. We grew up eating pap and a lot of things now perceived as bad for your health; have you changed your diet?

I love pap and all the food we grew up eating, and that makes it difficult to let them go. But, I have cut out sugar and alcohol from my diet. You don’t realise how much fat is built up from alcohol and sugar until you remove them from your diet. Cycling requires carbohydrates to help fuel your energy, so I still eat them. I just watch my portions.

 7. What is your goal?

I want to be a healthier me, with a body that is not heavier than my bones; the correct weight for my age and height. I want a balanced body, and to be healthy from the inside out.

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8. Are you planning on doing any big races?

The thought has crossed my mind, but due to my busy schedule, I can’t commit to any race now. I often cycle over 60km with friends over the weekends when I am free, and that is fun.

 9. What health advice do you have for us?

You need to be dedicated and work hard. It won’t be easy, but the outcome will be great. We need to remember that you cannot out train a bad diet, which means that your health starts with food. A healthier you will get less sick, feel refreshed when you wake up, and have more energy throughout the day.

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