Car Insurance for your high risk car

cheerful african man inside his new car

You should not feel uneasy because you drive a car that has a high risk of being stolen. With several options available on the market, deciding on the right car insurance company can be overwhelming.

By Boitumelo Mmakou

According to– a website that works closely with some of South Africa’s largest insurance companies and brokerages – these are the top five cars at risk of being stolen in South Africa:

1. Toyota Hiace
2. Nissan 1400
3. Toyota Hilux
4. Toyota Venture
5. Toyota Corolla

At this point, you either feel some comfort knowing that at least you have car insurance, or you are panicking because you don’t. No matter the kind of car you have, you can always trust your insurance if you are certain they will cover you well.

Should your car get stolen, we-cover gives the following advice:

1. Got a tracking system? Alert your tracking agency as soon as possible.
2. Go to your nearest police station with all the vehicle details.
3. Contact your insurance company so that they can process your claim.
4. Don’t bang your head against the wall if you don’t have insurance. Rather, be proactive and research various websites that can help you find the right car insurance hassle-free.