Business Unusual: Making Meetings More Fun


By: Velile Ncube

Meetings are a great way to generate productivity in your business. You need to keep clients, partners and employees updated. Let’s be honest, boardrooms tend to get boring and can be too serious and formal. Don’t get this wrong, though; boardrooms have resulted in amazing ideas and even greater solutions. However, they can sometimes restrict creativity.

Here are a few great meeting spots you can use to charm your clients. Not all venues will be suitable for all types of clients, so remember to keep it relevant to the nature of your meeting.

Stadium Suites:

Stadiums are a great way to entertain clients. Be it a sporting event or concert, being in a suite makes people feel special and appreciated. The view is great, there is a limited number of people and it is always a good networking environment.

Relaxation connection:

Spas are quiet and relaxing. There is always a feeling of tranquillity in a spa, providing the right ticket to get your clients to open their minds to new possibilities. Opt for a spa that does aroma therapy treatments – smell conjures the strongest positive memories and who can say no to you when fragrant natural scents are wafting through the air.


Gym meeting are a great way to squeeze your workout session into your busy schedule, plus we all feel energetic and ready to take on anything after a good workout. Go easy on the clients though, everyone’s physical abilities differ. Try participating in yoga, squash, dance sessions or a spinning class. Make sure the client has fun while working out. Client not physically active? Some gyms offer lounge areas and coffee shops. Some even provide meeting rooms – just check the facilities at your local gym to suit your meeting’s intensity level.

A nautical rendezvous:

Take your client(s) on a boat cruise for an hour or two. You don’t even need to own a boat – there are lots of companies that hire out boats. Make sure the boat is comfortable; the last thing you want is for your client to fall sick in the middle of nowhere.

Getting on the right track:

If your client is a car enthusiast, a day at the race track may just do the trick. Race tracks usually have great events; however, you are not restricted to only watching a race, and you may choose to do something more involved like a track day, driving experience course or a 4×4 course. These are great activities for building trust in one another and learning to work as a team.
It is essential that you allow your client to enjoy the experience and your company; do not bombard them with business matters throughout the entire activity. Focus on the most crucial matters and get to the point – it is better if the client asks you to elaborate more rather than you overselling yourself.