Andrea Quaye shares her thoughts on the #BeChampion campaign

BONA MAN #BeChampion

The Vice-President of Marketing for Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Andrea Quaye shares her thoughts about the special edition BONA Man #BeChampion issue.

Andrea Quaye shares her thoughts about BONA Man #BeChampion

We are proud to have a long association with positive masculinity and we are the most awarded beer in the country. Therefore, our advertising must always do justice to the quality of our product, and the aspirations of our consumers. Brands live and breathe in society, and must provide a window for that society to look through, and to show a world that consumers both can believe in, but also aspire to. That’s what drives us to be better and braver in our work. We believe Carling should be a lighthouse of masculinity, and our campaigns should help shape discussions and beliefs in how a man must show up in the world today.

To think of a world of possibilities, not barriers. #BECHAMPION was a logical next step for us to show this world of possibilities by showcasing Champion men who are making the world a better place through their actions. Carling is a brand of action – and what better way to bring this to life that shows real-life Champions in action. Each of these great men has had to overcome self-doubt, have needed to overcome barriers put in their way, and they’ve all overcome these obstacles to achieve big things in their lives. Their reward is the #BECHAMPION award from Carling, and we’re hoping that all men can reward themselves for positive action in life by enjoying a Carling Black Label beer. 2019 is going to be a great year for Carling! Besides bringing the #BECHAMPION awards to life, we’re also going to be re-launching the Carling Cup in July. We’ll wrap this in the most exciting campaign yet from Carling Black Label!

Carling Black Label’s purpose is to empower and rally a new order of Champions. The #BECHAMPION movement has taken its form by partnering with an annual issue of BONA Man magazine to recognise everyday South African men who embody the values of a Champion. Men who’ve learnt from their experiences and have risen above life’s challenges. A champion man holds himself accountable for driving the change he wishes to see in the world in order to change his community, be champion and raise better men. Ultimately, Carling Black Label seeks to challenge South African men to be #BECHAMPION.

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