5 minutes with Hugh Masekela


The legendary Hugh Masekela recently collaborated with , J’Something on a song called, Heaven In You for Mercedes Benz’s #EveryTerrain campaign. He chats to us about working with the Mi Casa frontman, what we can expect from their song, and more.

By: Keletso Modisakeng

1.How was it like working with J’Something?

It was a joyous time because J’Something is an extremely funny and happy person, albeit a serious one. He has been heavily bewitched with a flood of loop song inspiration!  What a curse he has to bear!


2. Did you ever have any conflict of ideas?

You can’t have any conflict when you are both being carried downstream inside a rapid river with a very steep waterfall ahead.

3. What can youngsters take away from this song?

A song that overflows with joy, laughter, love, clear vision, the beauty of our continent, grit, focus, eloquence and a positive future; something to shout out loud to the world about.

We’re really digging their new song. Listen to it below and tell us what you think.