WATCH: Celebs who straighten their wigs with a clothing iron

Celebrities straighten their wigs with clothing irons

Brown Thandiwe Mbombo shared an interesting hair hack on social media this week, and it made us investigate how many other celebs straighten their wigs with a clothing iron.

The model took to her Instagram Story to give her fans a glimpse of her glam routine.

The clip shows Brown sitting in a chair getting her hair done. There’s nothing unusual about that except her hairstylist is using an unconventional way to straighten her hair.

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A woman can be seen using a clothing iron to add the finishing touches to her wig.

As strange as the straightening method seems, it has actually been around for many years and your mother or older auties have likely tried it.

It apparently helps keep fly-aways in check and smooths out stubborn hair waves.


How to deal with a wig that’s bulky at the roots courtesy of @brownmbombo

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Cardi B, who is known for her extensive wig collection, made headlines in November when she shared a video of her hairstylist using a clothing iron to achieve a “pin straight” look.

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“I need to flat iron my hair but I don’t have a flat iron. So we are just going to use this,” she said in the video.

We doubt we will be ditching our flat irons or straightening brushes anytime soon.

We would just end up burning our hair and fingers

If you’re brave enough to try this clothing iron hair hack, then check out the video below.