Create your own #BodyGoals

Dove Self-Esteem Project in Partnership with Steven Universe

A woman’s relationship with her body is one of the most complicated relationships in her life. Her attitude towards her image is directly related to her self-esteem; and so we say, it’s time to create your own #BodyGoals and love yourself just the way you are.

It’s about time we create our own #BodyGoals. Gone are the days where we look up to unrealistic role models or airbrushed, retouched pictures of ‘perfect’ women. We are all real women, different and unique, and it’s important to love and embrace the body you have instead of trying to be someone else. Start with these simple ways: 

Don’t wait until you lose weight

How many times have you said to yourself – I’ll go shopping, start dating or go on holiday when I lose weight? Don’t let your weight hold you back. All you’re doing is delaying the things you really want to be doing. So, stop avoiding and start living your life with that amazing body of yours – go on a shopping spree for the body you have. Do the things that make you happy. Start by making a list of all the things you want to do. Then do them. Embrace and love your curves!

What perfect body?

The perfect figure doesn’t exist, so why keep searching for it? The minute you forget about the idea of having the perfect body is the minute your journey to a fully confident you begins. Who says what’s beautiful and perfect for you is the same for me? Everyone wants what someone else has, and that is crazy. We should all stop looking at the perfection in others, and start changing our mindset. Another good idea is to stop following people on social media who create unrealistic body goals and post pictures only of their ‘perfect’ bodies and ‘perfect’ lives. No one is perfect. The perfect body is the one you’re in. Love it for what it can do for you and for its strength, power and beauty.

The mirror is not your friend

The mirror only shows you part of who you are. Does your mirror laugh at your jokes? Does it know the kind words you spoke today? Does it know how intelligent and worldly you are? The answer is no. When you look in the mirror, you naturally look for faults. All you see is your physical form through your critical eyes. You don’t see all the things that make you who you are – your personality, wit and kindness. The mirror doesn’t tell the full story, so we shouldn’t be looking in it as often as we do or placing so much emphasis on what it reflects back at us. Rather use your friends and family as a reflection of who you are. Embrace the way they see you, and take it as truth. 

Be kind

Kindness starts with you. How can you be kind to others without being kind to yourself? Would you ever call someone else fat or pull at their skin asking how much weight they’ve put on? So, why do that to yourself? A positive self-image doesn’t only happen through spending hours at the gym or eating carrot sticks for dinner (those people can be miserable about their bodies too) – it starts with you and being able to see your own beauty. Give yourself a compliment (out loud) each day, and when you feel yourself talking badly about your body, make a conscious effort to push those thoughts out of your mind. When that happens, give yourself another compliment! Additionally, accept compliments from others, and really listen to what they say and believe that they mean it. Say thank you, smile and repeat the compliment to yourself – “yes, these jeans do suit my figure”.

Dove Self-Esteem Project has now teamed up with the Emmy Award-winning cartoon series Steven Universe. They believe that media is a powerful educational tool and that, by teaming up with entertainment, they are powerfully driving home their message that beauty is so much more than skin deep.

This revolutionary partnership between Dove and Steven Universe will come to life over the next two years through six animated short films – be sure to keep an eye out!

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Create your own #BodyGoals