8 travel beauty hacks that will change your life

travel beauty hacks that will change your life

Are your beauty products dragging your luggage down? Packing everything in your cupboard is not ideal, here are clever ways to pack a mess-free toiletry bag. By Grace Mantjiu

Image: Unsplash

  1. Trade your brow palette for a gel. You still get a tint and tamed eyebrows.

2. Leave your face wash and pack cleansing wipes.

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3. Cotton wool and nail polish remover take up space, so take easy-to-use nail remover wipes such as the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover, R55.

4. Pack multi-use products. You can use your highlighter as eyeshadow and bronzer as a contouring product.

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5. Carry a tinted lip balm such as Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Balm, R335 instead of lipstick and lip treatment. Tinted lip balms add colour and moisture.

6. A big bottle of perfume takes up too much space; get the 10 or 20 ml handbag-friendly mini bottles.

7. If you have natural hair, keep your hair in Bantu knots during the day, then undo them at night for beautiful curls. You can also do this with your wigs. If you have cornrows, wear a head scarf during the day.

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8. If you really can’t leave your compact powder behind, place cotton wool inside your compact to keep it safe in case it drops. We all hate it when it drops, and you have to deal with the little broken pieces.