8 beauty products that work well together

beauty products that work well together

Our beauty editor Grace Mantjiu shows you how to maximise on beauty products that work well together so you can look your best all day.

Image: Pexels 

Did you know that some products work even better when used together? Here are some of our favourite dynamic duos that bring out the best in each other.

Here are beauty products that work well together:

1. Foundation + primer. It’s all about the base! A primer will not only hydrate your face, but will up your complexion’s dewy factor, too. It creates a barrier between the foundation and skin, allowing your foundation to stay flawless even in warm weather.

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2. Matte lipstick + translucent powder. Tired of retouching your lipstick every hour? After applying it, place a piece of tissue on your lips and dust translucent powder over your lips with a brush. Remove the tissue and enjoy kiss-proof lips the whole day.

3. Mascara + cream blush. If you don’t feel like wearing make-up, then cream blush and a hint of mascara will do the trick. The warm shade on your cheeks will give your face a fresh look; complete your minimalistic look with wide-awake eyes by using mascara.

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4. Smokey eye + nude lip. The black smokey eye is back and this time, you can choose how intense you want it. Use eyeliner or cream shadow for a grunge paint effect. The sultry eye make-up really pops when paired with a glossy nude pout.