6 ways to sweat-proof your make-up

sweat-proof your make-up

Discreetly trying to wipe droplets from your forehead without ruining your make-up is an art. Here is your guide to sweat-proofing yourself from head to toe to ensure your make-up stays in place.

1. Start with your clothing. The aim is to keep cool and comfortable. Wear clothing that moves and breathes, and very importantly, clothing that makes you feel confident – stress and anxiety increases perspiration.

2. Hair. Hair gets ruined by perspiration in a flash. Especially straightened hair. Think about an ultra-trendy braid to keep hair off your back, or try this easy crown braid.

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3. Skin prepping and primingPrep your skin by applying a suitable exfoliator and mask regularly – you’ll require less make-up, which results in less of a suffocating feeling on your skin. On sweltering days (or nights) opt for lightweight textures – watery serums and gel moisturisers are ideal.

4. Pick your products wisely. If you’ve kept up so far you’ve prepped your skin properly to prevent your foundation from sliding off your face and your eyelid primer will keep your eye make-up intact and prevent panda eyes. Don’t be too heavy on the brow products as you may be left with streaks if you do get a little sweaty.

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5. Set it. Once you’ve got all the right products in place and your make-up looks perfect, it’s time to make sure it stays in place. Make-up setting spray is made for this job, and a spritz of this stuff is the final step in the ultimate sweat-proof make-up.

6. Damage control. If you do feel some moisture developing, resist the urge to wipe your face and dab with a tissue or oil-absorbing blotting sheets instead. Try to get your hands on some cold water and position yourself near a window or aircon. And don’t sweat the small stuff.

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