5 minutes with Beyonce’s make-up artist – Sir John


Sir John, make-up artist to some of Hollywood’s A-listers, including Beyonce, spoke to our features editor Amanda Mtuli in this exclusive one-on-one.

Sir John

Sir John, make-up artist to some of Hollywood’s A-listers including Beyonce recently hosted The Beauty Masterclass in Johannesburg. Our features editor Amanda Mtuli had a one-on-one with him. Pictures Aart Photography

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How do you choose your clients?
I work with whoever can afford my rates. It is a blessing to be at a place where I can even choose who I want to work with. I reached this point through working hard.

How do you deal with difficult clients?
Some people in the entertainment industry are hard to work with because they behave like divas. Even though they pay well, I choose not to work with them. I would rather take less money home than leave my job feeling bad about myself.

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What do you think about South Africa’s beauty industry?
South Africa is in a discovery phase, which is great and refreshing. In the US, the industry is more evolved, but congested with a lot of brands. In SA, the industry is discovering itself at its own pace.

Here are some beauty hacks we learnt:
• Grapeseed oil extract or grape water can repair your skin.
• Use a concealer that has a pink or peach undertone.
• If you want to get wild eyebrows, use glue stick. But, don’t use a lot!
• If you’re into minimalistic make-up, jazz things up by adding a bit of colour underneath the eye.
• Keep your foundation light in order to allow your skin to shine through. Also, have multiple foundations; don’t just rely on one.
• Modern make-up is not supposed to be perfect.
• Bear in mind that with make-up, the goal is to be quintessentially you.