5 unexpected beauty uses of olive oil

unexpected beauty uses of olive oil

The famous kitchen staple olive oil is also an effective beauty tool. If you have a bottle in your kitchen, pour some into a container for your beauty cabinet.

Image: Pexels

Here are 5 unexpected beauty uses of olive oil:

1. Clean your makeup bushes– Soap alone can leave your makeup brushes with a murky residue. Try mixing a few drops of olive oil with the soap when washing your brushes. Swirl the brushes around and watch the oil slide the old makeup off.

2. Cuticle repair– Apply at least 2-3 drops of olive oil on your cuticles every night. This will help moisturise your cuticles and strengthen your nails.

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3. Goodbye cracked heels– Exfoliate normally using a pumice stone or foot file then apply olive oil. Wear cotton socks to lock in moisture.

4. Makeup remover- Ran out of makeup remover? Simply put a few drops of olive oil on a cotton pad or cloth and swipe over your face. Not only is it gentle but your skin will love the nourishing effect too.

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5. Spa bath at home- give yourself a spa treat at home, add olive oil to your bath and enjoy how silky smooth your skin will feel afterwards.