5 types of eyeshadow and how to use them

types of eyeshadow

As always, the beauty world can be a complex one, so you are certainly not alone if you feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the range of choices you have when it comes to products…

Just have a look at the 5 types of eyeshadows out there; not only are you having to select the colours and brand you want, but they’ve also decided to make eyeshadow in a variety of consistencies, just to confuse us! Well, not quite – there actually are some valid uses for the different types of eyeshadow, and we’re here to tell you about them and how to use them. You’re welcome!

1. Powder eyeshadow. Also known as pressed powder since the pigment is pressed and compacted into containers, this is probably the most common of the types of eyeshadow, and the one everyone is familiar with. It’s great for beginners and those a bit more cautious when it comes to make-up as they are super forgiving, easy to blend, and come in various palette sizes and combinations, giving you the perfect shades to use together.

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2. Liquid eyeshadow. You’d be forgiven for mistaking liquid eyeshadow for lip gloss, as the packaging and consistency is pretty much identical. While they may seem scary, they’re actually great for those without a flair for make-up as they are so easy to apply; simply swish the wand over the lid, and voila!

Just be warned that it does dry pretty quickly, so you need to move fast. A great use for liquid eyeshadow is as the base for powder or pigments as they will stick to it, giving you a bolder look.

3. Cream eyeshadow. This versatile formula is a pretty great one as it offers bold hues that are super easy to blend – just get your finger out and go wild. Cream eyeshadow does tend to crease, so you need to be careful with where you place it on the lid. If you’re worried about this, apply a primer first.

Again, they make a great base for your powder shadows, but you may want to avoid cream shadows in very hot weather, as they can melt – and make-up running down your face is certainly not a good look!

4. Stick or crayon eyeshadow. These are ideal for keeping in your handbag for touchups throughout the day, as you don’t need a brush to apply them, and they go on super easily. They’re generally super pigmented so the colour will really pop, and they can even double up as an eyeliner if you’re looking for just a small pop of colour. Genius!

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5. Eyeshadow pigments. These are fantastic for their colour range and boldness, but can be a bit trickier and messier to apply. This is similar to powder shadow, but is far looser, so you definitely need a primer for it to stick. Alternatively, wet your brush before applying.

If you’re wanting to really stand out, pigments will give you the best colour intensity of the lot, but just be careful not to drop pigment all over the rest of your face!

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