5 tips to keep your nails looking healthy this Winter

tips to keep your nails looking healthy this Winter

Many of our regular beauty routines change as the season changes and looking after your nails is no exception.

Here are 5 ways to keep them looking healthy:

1. Water isn’t always the solution. Water can actually be harmful to your nails, but more so in winter. Your nails can expand and bloat from too much water; the water absorption can make them very weak. If you’re wearing polish, the expansion from the water breaks the bond between your nail polish and your nail, causing it to chip.

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2. Keep them covered. The myth that you need to let your nails ‘breathe’ is just that – a myth. Your nails absorb oils and having them exposed will lead to loss of moisture, making them dry and brittle. Make sure to keep them covered with a base coat, one layer of nail polish and then finish off with a top coat.

3. Keep lotion on lock. Cold and dry air is the absolute worst not only for your hair and skin, but also for your nails. Make sure to keep your hands moisturised this winter by carrying hand lotion and applying it every time you wash your hands. It’s the best way to keep hands soft and supple, and nails strong. Try to stay clear of scented lotions as some of the chemicals in the fragrance can actually make your nails drier.

4. Wear gloves. Even if you’re only popping out of your warm and cosy house, put those gloves on. Gloves don’t only protect your hands from touching a cold and germ-infested door handle, but they also keep your nails from losing too much moisture. (Of course, we don’t need to tell you that you should be wearing kitchen gloves if you’re washing dishes right?).

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5. Keep it short and sweet. No matter how pretty long nails may look, they’re more likely to crack and break than short nails. File them regularly to keep the edges smooth and stop them snagging on jerseys or scarves.

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