5 of the best multi-tasking beauty products

multi-tasking beauty products

If your make-up bag is anything like ours and starting to rip at the seams, it’s time to find out which multi-tasking beauty products could make your life a whole lot easier…

The beauty world has an endless number of products – literally more than you could ever imagine you would need! Cut down on costs and the sheer number of products you’re racking up in your beauty collection by turning to these multi-tasking beauty buys… just think how much lighter your bag will be!

1. Translucent powder. Most of us use this as a setting powder or to blot away some pesky shine, but there are many other uses for this powder. If you’ve overdone it a tad on the bronzer, blush or contouring (we’ve all been there!), use a dab of the powder to tone things down. A sweep over your lashes between two coats of mascara will thicken them up, and a dab over your lippie will turn it matte in no time. It can also double up as dry shampoo in a desperate situation if you’ve run out. 

2. Coconut oil. A list of multi-tasking beauty products would be incomplete without the gem that is coconut oil. From a hair mask, to an all-over body lotion, a moisturiser and even a teeth whitener, everyone should keep some of this magical stuff in their beauty (or kitchen!) cupboard.

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3. Micellar water. This gem recently took the beauty world by storm – and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it remove make-up and cleanse your face, but it’s also a toner and is incredibly hydrating, so if you had to only use one product on your face, this could be the one. It also is great to use for washing your make-up brushes and can even double up as a water-free hand cleaner… winning!

4. CC cream. We’re so grateful that this miracle cream (and its bestie, BB Cream) came into our lives! Not only does it provide a fab light coverage that you can build up, should you need it, while giving your skin a great glow, but it actually works on your skin while you wear it, evening out your complexion (CC stands for complexion corrector), moisturising it and – depending on the brand you wear – adding in a range of other vitamins and anti-ageing benefits. It’s the ultimate beauty multi-tasker. Plus, if you choose one that contains an SPF in it, it also doubles up as your sun protection.

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5. Neutral eyeshadow palette. Just about everyone has one of these in their make-up collection, and while you’ve only been using it on your eyes (no shame there – that’s the obvious use!), there’s so much more you can do with it… and you can might finally end up using all the colours!

A darker shade can be used to fill in your brows, most of the shades can double up as a blush, you should be able to find one to work as a bronzer, and one as a highlighter (hello contour!), and mix one with a touch of coconut oil, and you’ve got yourself a brand new lip colour, too.

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