4 tips to get perfect natural brows

natural brows

Brows on fleek are a thing of the past! This is because natural-looking brows are the new craze. Follow this simple guide and do your brows in just under five minutes. By Grace Mantjiu

Here are 4 tips to get perfect natural brows:

Step 1. Brush your brows – Start with clean, dry brows. Brush them with an eyebrow brush or old mascara wand to give shape. You can even use a brow gel brush to tame them so they stay intact.

Tip: Start off by placing your eyebrow pencil in a straight line along the side of your nose. Then move the pencil to the edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end.

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Step 2. Outline – Using an eyebrow pencil, outline the shape of your brows. Follow the natural shape. If you don’t have brows or any clear shape, use a stencil for the desired shape.

Step 3. Fill in – Dip an angled brush into brow powder and use light strokes to fill in from the inner corner to the outside of the brow. Use a pencil if you don’t have the powder.

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Step 4. Define – Apply a bit of concealer using a brush or sponge to define your brows even more. Then blend it into the rest of your skin around the eye area. Be careful not to erase your brows; use your hands if you struggle with the brush.