4 DIY ways to remove gel nails at home

ways to remove gel nails at home

There’s nothing like a fresh manicure to pick up one’s mood. But, with the lockdown in place, many can’t make their monthly nail appointments which means you’re probably dealing with gel nails that don’t look so good anymore. So, we’ve put together a few ways to get rid of the LED-cured lacquer at home.

Image: Pexels

Here are 4 DIY ways to remove gel nails at home:

1. Acetone. You can remove gel nail polish using acetone in two ways. You can either soak your nails in it or cover them with acetone-soaked cotton balls and foil. Below is the cotton ball acetone-soaked cotton balls and foil option.

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2. This is the soaking option.

3. Filing. Don’t have gel? You can still file your gel polish off. Take a look.

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4. Nail polish remover.