3 easy ways to use coconut water

3 easy ways to use coconut water

Coconut has tons of benefits such as helping with weight loss, reducing stress, hydrating your body while even keeping your skin and hair healthy. Our Beauty Editor Grace Mantjiu shares a few ways to include coconut water in your health regime.

Image: Pexels

Here are 3 easy ways to use coconut water:

1. Stay hydrated; drink coconut water – Drink a cocktail of 100% pure coconut water such as CocoZone every night to replenish body fluids; athletes swear by this practice.

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2. Wash your face with it – Dab a cotton ball in some coconut water and apply over your face. It will hydrate your skin, leaving it looking fresh. You can also make a face mask at home with turmeric paste, coconut water and red sandalwood powder.


3. Add it to your favourite recipes – Add coconut water to your porridge for some extra nutrients and electrolytes. You can also try it with your tea, smoothie or soup.