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foundations for oily skin

5 highly rated foundations for oily skin 

These foundations will keep you looking matte all day long!

How to care for knitwear

Ensure your knitwear is in great condition with these 4 tips.
10 weird beauty hacks

10 weird beauty hacks that actually work

From dunking your face in ice cold water, to using whitening toothpaste for your nails, these weird beauty hacks definitely do the trick.
ways to maintain your braids so they last longer

5 ways to maintain your braids so they last longer

Follow these steps to make your braids last longer.
chocolate beauty products

10 chocolate beauty products you need in your life

Some of the best beauty products for your skin include an ingredient we all love: chocolate!
types of foundation

5 types of foundation and when to use which one

So. Many. Choices. We help you figure out the various types of foundations and which one you should be using.

How to lay and slay your edges

A 5-step guide to lay your edges to perfection.

The celeb guide to wearing sheer fashion

5 celebs show you how to rock sheer fashion and show the right amount of skin.
cracked heels

How to prevent cracked heels before they start

If you’ve ever suffered from umkeneke, you’ll know that it's no joke! Here are 6 ways to prevent cracked heels.
protect your hair when wearing a head wrap

2 ways to protect your hair when wearing a head wrap

Love to accessorise your hair with a scarf or head wrap? Here's how to protect your hair when wearing a head wrap.
make-up expiation dates

The make-up expiration dates you need to know

Do you know your make-up expiration dates? Here's how to find out how long your make-up lasts, and when it’s time to chuck it!
benefits of rocket

4 health benefits of rocket you need to know

Enjoy the delicious, flavourful punch and health benefits of rocket.
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