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6 uses for toothpaste you never knew

A humble tube of toothpaste is packed full of uses - apart from its primary job. Here are the other uses of toothpaste..
foundations with the widest shade ranges

The best foundations with the widest shade ranges

Here are 7 must-try foundations with the widest shade ranges.

6 veggies you can regrow from scraps at home

Save money, recycle and go green by finding out which veggies you can regrow.
tips to help your shoes last longer

8 tips to help your shoes last longer and look better

Here's how to care for your shoes so they stay in tip-top condition.
oven cleaning tips

3 easy oven cleaning tips

Make this dreaded household chore much simpler by using these tips!
Braids with beads

8 ways to rock braids with beads

Looking up your braid game? Accessorize them with beads, cuffs and shells as seen on these celebs.
foundations for oily skin

5 highly rated foundations for oily skin 

These foundations will keep you looking matte all day long!

How to care for knitwear

Ensure your knitwear is in great condition with these 4 tips.
10 weird beauty hacks

10 weird beauty hacks that actually work

From dunking your face in ice cold water, to using whitening toothpaste for your nails, these weird beauty hacks definitely do the trick.

6 ways to maintain your braids so they last longer

Follow these steps to make your braids last longer.
chocolate beauty products

10 chocolate beauty products you need in your life

Some of the best beauty products for your skin include an ingredient we all love: chocolate!
types of foundation

5 types of foundation and when to use which one

So. Many. Choices. We help you figure out the various types of foundations and which one you should be using.
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