Improved Banking with WALLETWISE

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Make your financial life easier with a variety of self-service banking options that are not only convenient, but also save you time and money.

It is not always necessary to go inside the bank, with the introduction of technology and the Internet, financial service providers have improved ways of banking. This has resulted in many alternative banking solutions being made available for customers. One of these is self-service banking, which is convenient, time-saving, cheaper and safe to use.

Self-service banking is when you do transactions on your own in the
comfort of your home, office or at an ATM. You can use any device
that is connected to the Internet, such as a laptop, tablet or cellphone.

Some of the transactions you can do using self-service banking are :
– Checking your balances.
– Transferring money between accounts.
– Making payments.
– Sending money to someonewithout a bank account.
– Purchasing airtime or electricity.

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The benefits of self-service banking
– You can bank anywhere, anytime.
– You can save onbank charges.
– It is safe and convenient.
– It costs less than a tripto the bank.
– It saves time.

1. Memorise your PIN or password. Don’t store them on your phone
2. Keep your software updated to be alerted to any potential scams
3. Always remember to log off and clear your browser after using a public computer.
4. Don’t share any personal information with anyone through e-mail or SMS.

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Here are some safety tips to be mindful of when using the ATM:

– Cover your hand when entering your PIN
– Don’t accept assistance from strangers- even if they say they are bank officials
– Always read and follow the prompts from the ATM
– Don’t forget your card after the transaction and check that the card is really yours
– If you suspect that the ATM is faulty or you are distracted during the transaction, press the cancel option immediately.
– Do not leave the ATM if you cannot retrieve your card. Call the fraud number on the ATM and wait for further instructions.

Self –service banking is convenient, cheap and safe. To find out more about self-service banking online, on your phone or at an ATM, contact your bank.

Keep your money safe by not revealing your personal information to anyone.