Banking Made Easy

banking made easy

Thanks to technology there are now many different ways to bank and you can choose which one suits your lifestyle the best

There are three main types of alternative banking – cellphone, mobile banking app and internet banking. They make it possible for you to bank from practically anywhere, and at any time.

Internet banking

Register for internet banking and then sign in to your accounts using your bank’s website. Some banks also make it possible to apply for additional cards or accounts online instead of having to go to the bank branch itself.

Mobile banking apps

Banking through mobile banking apps can be done on a smartphone or tablet. You can use many of the banking apps even when you don’t have airtime or data on your phone!

Cellphone banking

Simply dial a specific code (available from your bank) and then follow the prompts on the menu that is given.

With these types of banking you can:

  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Make payments to other accounts — at the same or other banks
  • Buy prepaid services such as airtime and electricity
  • Pay bills 

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