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Walletwise is is here to help you protect the money you work so hard for. Standard Bank has created this initiative to give you all the best advice and knowledge on all things banking.

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Improved Banking with WALLETWISE

Standard Banks shows you how to be WALLETWISE.
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Be Prepared – Get Funeral Cover

To be truly #WalletWise means planning ahead, and this includes having funeral cover.

Make sure you’re prepared

To be truly #WalletWise means planning ahead, and this includes having insurance.

Starting your savings journey

Here are two incredible and helpful #WalletWise options to help you reach your next savings goal.
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How to kick-start your savings

Being WalletWise means saving your hard-earned money in a way that will meet your needs and achieve your personal goals.

WALLETWISE gives you tips for smarter and safer banking

You work hard for your money, so protect it by knowing and understanding the risks involved with your daily banking activities.WALLETWISE is a Standard...

Money Matters – Hire purchase & UIF

Buying on hire purchase Understanding the advantages and risks of a hire purchase agreement.What is the difference between a hire purchase and loan?Hire purchase is...

Money Matters – Borrowing

Plan for borrowingNeed a loan or just some extra cash on the side? You may need to borrow from the bank. But, before you...

Money matters

Avoid a credit crisisKnow and understand the difference between good and bad credit so you can establish a healthy credit record.The word credit does...

Empowering You with Financial Information

If you have a bank account or an investment, you are responsible for the safety of your information. Below are organisations that help with...

Learn more about insurance and you could WIN!

Do you know why buying life insurance and a funeral cover is important? We tackle the issue to ensure that you know how to...

Learn more about banking and you could WIN!

With modern technology comes convenience. So, why should banking services be any different?



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