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Walletwise is is here to help you protect the money you work so hard for. Standard Bank has created this initiative to give you all the best advice and knowledge on all things banking.

card skimming

What you need to know about card skimming and shoulder surfing

Don't get caught with your shoulders down.
Financial Assistance at Your Fingertips

Financial Assistance at Your Fingertips

Can you budget and save like a pro? If you’re struggling to make the right financial decisions, let #WalletWise show you the way!
borrow money

Borrowing For Your Next

Do you know how to borrow money responsibly? We’ll give you the facts.
insurance cover

Cover For Your Peace of Mind

Do you know which insurance cover will suit your needs? We give you the lowdown.
ways to help you save

Ways to Help You Save

Here are ways to help you put money away when times are tough
banking made easy

Banking Made Easy

Here are few tips and tricks to make your banking easy.

Be Aware of Banking Scams

Here are a few banking scams you need to be on the look out for!
Standard Bank Walletwise lady

Improved Banking with WALLETWISE

Standard Banks shows you how to be WALLETWISE.
Elderly couple

Be Prepared – Get Funeral Cover

To be truly #WalletWise means planning ahead, and this includes having funeral cover.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

To be truly #WalletWise means planning ahead, and this includes having insurance.

Starting Your Savings Journey

Here are two incredible and helpful #WalletWise options to help you reach your next savings goal.
Is there a timeline for dating?

How to Kick-start Your Savings

Being WalletWise means saving your hard-earned money in a way that will meet your needs and achieve your personal goals.



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