Valentine’s Day – Give The Gift Of Financial Intimacy


Traditionally, couples express their love for each other on Valentine’s Day by presenting each other with flowers, and other gifts. Gift something else this year, that won’t cost you money, give the gift of financial intimacy.


“The best gift besides love that couples can give each other to strengthen their relationship and build their future this Valentine’s Day, is the gift of financial intimacy.” Says Frank Magwegwe, segment CEO: Momentum Retail

Magwegwe shares 7 ways on how couples can give each other the gift of financial intimacy in their relationships this Valentines:

  • Acknowledging that sometimes it feels uncomfortable talking about money;
  • Openly discussing each other’s situations, financial habits, and behaviours;
  • Creating a shared financial vision with specific goals;
  • Practicing regular sharing of new financial updates;
  • Gaining awareness and clarity around each other’s money habits and beliefs;
  • Understanding and respecting differences in each other’s view on money; and
  • Seeking the help of a financial planner if needed.