The Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador


Chivas Regal is a Scottish whisky by the Pernod Ricard group that has come far since its glorious beginnings in 1801. Now it is one of the well-known brands with young people like Atlegang Moloko as the national ambassador’s behind it. He explains his role.


Was it necessary to have a qualification in order to be a Chivas brand ambassador?

Yes! In fact, the ambassador programme is also known as the graduate programme. It is a form of acquiring young talent and grooming the future leaders of the business. I studied BCom Marketing Management through UNISA.

What does it take (apart from the academic qualifications) to be a brand ambassador?

More than anything, I believe it takes an inborn passion to change the world around you in a positive way. It also requires an aggressive drive to be the best at what you do; regardless of the challenges – to never give up!

What does being a brand ambassador entail?

I am the personification of the brand’s identity. I focus on interacting with consumers by engaging in discussions around the world of whisky –Chivas Regal in my case. I conduct whisky trainings, tastings and influence brand advocacy around South Africa.

What do you love most about your job?

I have the opportunity to interact with different individuals, groups and even companies. I have a great passion for learning and, as much as I teach people about whisky, I learn a great deal in return. I believe I work with the most authentic people and represent an authentic brand. I’m proud to be in the role that I am in.

Have you come across any challenges and if so, how do you overcome them?

The only challenge I have is time, as there is nothing you can do to change time in its actuality. All you can do is to utilise it to your best ability.

What has been the greatest highlight of your job so far?

My job in its entirety is a highlight, as many people say; I have a great job and to this I cannot agree more. I interact with people daily about a product and lifestyle that I strongly believe in and live, thoroughly. The highlight of my job is simply waking up every day and being passionate about my job!

What was your profession (where you worked) before moving to Chivas?

I was a brand and sales developer for Red Bull South Africa.

You are working for a company that has come to open doors for many young people such as yourself, allowing people to move up. What’s your next step?

Yes, it is really a remarkable company. For me, the sky is the limit. I aim to give my best and continue to contribute more and more to the Pernod Ricard group.

Who is Atlegang five years from now?

Only time can tell, but I aim to no longer have to introduce myself.

Any advice, for other youngsters that want to do this job?

I strongly feel that in the pursuit of any career or goal, one needs to know what the position entails and have a deep seeded passion to push through the tough days with a clear drive to reach their objective. With that in mind, I believe this plays a primary factor in terms of chasing any career path, mine included.