WALLETWISE Gives You Tips For Smarter and Safer Banking

You work hard for your money, so protect it by knowing and understanding the risks involved with your daily banking activities.

WALLETWISE is a Standard Bank initiative designed to empower you with more knowledge about banking. It also gives you advice and tips on how to manage your finances, enjoy safe banking and understand your banking products, as well as alternative everyday banking solutions. In order for you to enjoy safe banking, it is important to identify the kinds of scams and tricks used to gain access to your personal information, PIN codes and passwords. The most popular scams are:


This is when scammers send you a fake email, with the hope that you will click on the link and reveal your personal information.


This is the SMS version of a phishing scam, which allows scammers to gain access to your money and information when you click on the link.


This is when scammers call you and disguise themselves as your bank in order to gain your personal information.

How can you avoid being a victim?

  • Keep your personal information and banking details safe – do not share your PIN codes, passwords and card numbers with anyone.
  • Don’t fall for phishing, smishing and vishing tactics such as scammers telling you that they will disable your account.
  • Keep your software updated on all of your devices so that you can detect, be alerted to and block cybercrimes.
  • Always clear your browser after using an internet café or public computer.
  • Never write your PIN codes and passwords down – rather learn and memorise them.
  • Do not respond to any emails or click on links that require you to enter your passwords; your bank will never ask you to do this.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may be a victim of cybercrimes, alert your bank and report it to the police immediately.