How To Avoid Overspending On Kiddies Parties


Gone are the days when children’s parties were small intimate dos for the children’s enjoyment. Nowadays they are big, pre-planned, costly functions that are meant more to keep up with the neighbors than celebrate the child. The sad part is that often the child involved doesn’t really care how majestic the party is because they are just happy to spend time with friends and eat junk food for the day. Head of consumer education at FNB, Eunice Sibiya, shares some tips for planning the perfect birthday party for your child without spending too much:



Research and shop around for theme ideas before deciding on a theme. It’s very difficult to find party equipment for a “superhero Barbie butterfly” party versus a princess or fairy-themed party.Howeve, if you shop around, you might come across sales and specials that you can take advantage of.

Invitation List

Most parents don’t want children to be left out and other parents to be offended; so if you feel you have to invite the whole class and not just close friends, then be financially prepared for it. And parents receiving invitations should try and instil in their child that it is not necessary to go to every party every weekend. Why not choose two parties a month to attend. This way parents help other parents.


It is not necessary to hire a venue. If your house or garden is not big enough, then ask a family member if you can use their space. By doing this, you can avoid the venue hire charge that can sometimes be too exorbitant.

Cake and Food

The cake does not have to be bought. Ask grannies and aunts for their recipe books and bake a cake, or ask a family member who is a baking genius to help out. Catering for kids also does not have to be hard, as they are easy to please when there are other activities to keep them happy. A few snacks and sweets will be sufficient, and hot dogs as a main meal will go long way.


Entertainment costs can get out of hand if you’re going to have a jumping castle, face painter and a magician. Keep it simple. Instead of the expense of hiring an entertainer, why not organize traditional party games? Or perhaps ask someone you know to do face painting or simple magic tricks?

Party Packs

If you don’t watch out party packs can really add to your budget. Either be brave and ditch them altogether or keep costs down with these simple tips: Have an activity at the party such as decorating a cupcake or biscuit and then give these as party gifts. Search shops and sales throughout the year for little bits and pieces to pop in party bags.