Hlubi Mboya-Arnold on the importance of empowerment events

Hlubi Mboya-Arnold on the importance of empowerment events

Hlubi Mboya-Arnold the brand ambassador at Lionesses of Africa, sub-Saharan Africa chats to Fundiswa Nkwanyana about the importance of Lean In events.

I’m an intersectional feminist, and I advocate for the rights of all women.  I believe women cannot be boxed because we come from different races, cultures and class. We also have different needs, wants and problems. Our struggles should not be grouped, but we should be united and fight for our rights.

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I use my platform as a brand ambassador for Lionesses of Africa, sub-Saharan Africa to empower women. I chose to be part of Lionesses of Africa because it’s a social enterprise organisation that empowers women entrepreneurs. We provide free access to development programs, business tools, digital media channels, community platforms and events called Lean In.

Networking events for female entrepreneurs are important. Sharing authentic and inspirational start-up stories can empower aspiring entrepreneurs in many ways. One of my favourite empowerment events is called The Lean In event.  It takes place in cities across Africa, and they are free. It’s a space for women entrepreneurs to inspire and connect with each other. The event kicks off with a networking session over coffee and breakfast. And, then entrepreneurs get to share their start-up stories and showcase their businesses.

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I have learnt so much about myself from attending women empowerment events. As an entrepreneur, I’ve heard stories from other female entrepreneurs that have inspired me. The odds are often stacked up against us, and we need to help and support each other. I urge women to love and support businesses run by other women. Visit us here to find out about the next women empowerment event, I promise it will be worth attending.