Career advice

Practical career advice to help you find your dream job with the perfect CV, ask for a raise or even take over the company. Our tips will not only help you advance your career but will also inspire you.

What To Consider When Choosing A Mentor

A mentor has the potential to inspire and guide you through tough career decisions.

7 Steps To Creating A 21st Century Business

Get your business off the ground to the sky with these 7 tips.

5 People To Avoid In The Workplace

Here are 5 types of toxic colleagues to avoid at your workplace.

5 Things You Need To Stop Apologising For

Be assertive and do away the unnecessary apology.

Dealing With Fear

Fear in the workplace can sometimes hold you back. Here are 3 tips to get over it.
mistakes you make at work or in the office that can kill your career

10 Mistakes That Could Kill Your Career

Watch out for these toxic traits that could poison your professional reputation.

Expanding Your Franchise

Thinking of expanding your franchise? Here are 6 things you need to know.

Do You Suffer from the PHD Syndrome?

The PHD Syndrome is killing women’s careers. We explain what PHD is and how to identify it.

6 Tips To Grow Your Small Business

Grow your business like a pro with these tips.

3 Ways To Handle Your Difficult Boss

Frustrated with your boss? Don't leave your job, rather try these career-saving tips.

What To Do After Matric

Here are ways to solve the “what shall I do with my life” puzzle.

Behind The Decks

Hip hop DJ tells us how she gets working in a male dominated industry right.



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