5 reasons distance learning is for you


Even though we’re well into 2016, you still have a chance to study. Here are 5 reasons why studying long distance through Oxbridge Academy is easier and will help you upskill yourself.

1. No lines

Who likes standing in queues of thousands of other students? Not us. You can register with Oxbridge Academy via email, post or fax which means you don’t spend countless hours waiting in long lines and being sent back and forth. Plus, your Oxbridge Academy study material will be delivered to your door, free of charge.

2. No protests

Studying long distance means you don’t have to worry about protests disrupting your education. You can study from the comfort and safety of your couch where you’ll be able to study and concentrate in peace.


3. Save money and time

Petrol is expensive. Can you imagine how much students spend on transport to and from university or college every month? When you study long distance you have the freedom to study from home. Make taxis, peak hour traffic and spending a fortune on petrol a thing of the past.

4. No cut-off date

Did you miss the university cut-off date? You have a second chance to improve your life by obtaining a qualification through Oxbridge Academy. Because Oxbridge Academy is a distance learning college their registration office never closes, so you can start studying for your dream job whenever you’re ready.

5. No pressure

Long distance learning gives you the opportunity to manage your own study time. You can take as long as you need with your assignments and submit them when you are ready. This allows you the freedom to work while you study and earn money while striving towards a brighter future and a better job.

Register and invest in your future here: www.oxbridgeacademy.co.za