5 minutes with a fitness fanatic

Katlego Mojapelo

Katlego Tshipamba‘s passion for living a healthy lifestyle led to her being a fitness, wellness and boot camp coach. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

I believe that the wellness career path chose me. For as long as I can remember, I was always trying to find techniques that led to good health and longevity. My passion for living a healthy lifestyle grew when I started seeing the benefits – my doctor consultations decreased and I felt healthy with a renewed zest for life.

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Connecting with people emotionally is a huge part of coaching. The health and fitness journey is a long one, and filled with ups and downs. So, it’s important to know the people you coach in order to cater to their special needs. Staying on it is hard, and I often need to motivate and encourage my clients. Keeping a large group of people attentive during fitness classes is also tricky, and I have to tell jokes to lighten up the mood while playing fun and upbeat music.

Katlego Isis Mojapelo

I love coaching and helping people lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Naturally, I’m an energetic person. So, coaching allows me to release all my energy. Sometimes I feel like a rock star in front of a massive crowd as I show them exercise routines while keeping them entertained. I feed off the positive reactions I get from my clients, and that is exciting.

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I recently opened my own wellness centre in Midrand called 24 Fitclub & Wellness Centre. I love that I have a special place where I can share my love for wellness and healthy living. I have boot camp and private training sessions. I also help people gain and lose weight.