Tracee Ellis Ross talks lockdown and being single

Tracee Ellis Ross talks lockdown and being single

Award-winning actress Tracee Ellis Ross talked up about struggling with being on lockdown and being single in an interview with Guardian Weekend. In the interview, the star revealed that she’s dealing with different emotions over the lockdown and why she no longer gets irritated when questioned about marriage and children.

Image: Tracee Ellis Ross IG

With almost a month into lockdown, Tracee shared that she’s struggling to come to grips with the lockdown. She said in part; “I think we’re all dealing with these waves of emotion where everything seems fine. And then it hits you. It’s like the fear is just waiting right there.”

She also shared that she misses being her around her loved ones saying in part; “I really miss smelling the people that I love. Being able to nestle my head in my mom’s neck, or in my best friend’s. When I hug my best friend, it’s a full body hug. And I know what her scent is – not just her perfume, but just what she smells like. I don’t think I realised how important that is.”

Tracee shared that for her, the toughest times are between 10:30 pm and 1 am. She said in part; “I just want something to distract me and it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s just me. Oh hi again! Hey you!’”

Speaking on being asked about marriage and children Tracee shared in part; “I don’t mind anymore. It no longer stings. It’s just an opportunity for me to expand somebody’s idea of the world and add something different. Women, particularly black and brown women, are told we should occupy a smaller area of real estate. Everything in my being and my career is about encouraging women to give themselves permission to take up the space. I am very comfortable making people uncomfortable. Not just for my own wellbeing, but hopefully so that other women don’t have to bear that weight quite as heavily as my generation.”

Tracee Ellis Ross talks lockdown and being single. Here’s a look at what she had to say.