Films to watch at the Joburg Film Festival

Films to watch at the Joburg Film Festival

With just a couple of days left before it ends on the 17th of November, there is still time to check out over 40 African and international films. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

Image: Joburg Film Festival IG

These curated films are screened in various cinemas around Johannesburg, and you can watch them at the Rosebank Mall, Maponya Mall, Maboneng Bioscope and the Alexandra Kings Theatre.

Here is what you can expect at some of the screening:

1. Sew The Winter to My Skin. Set in the rural Great Karoo region in the 1950’s, this racially charged and violent film looks at the life of a black rebel hero who is a threat to the colonial farming community.

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2. The Day I Lost My ShadowA Syrian mother’s search for a gas cylinder gets her separated from her son. She finds herself facing the traumatic and brutal reality of living in a war zone.

3. Akasha. This romantic comedy tells the story of a love triangle between a South Sudan soldier, his girlfriend, and an AK-47. 

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4. Much Loved. This movie takes at a look at the lives of four prostitutes in Morocco as they face stigmas and danger.