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Tag: work and money

Pros and cons of job-hopping

The old cycle of starting a job in your early 20s and only leaving upon retirement is no longer the norm. But, is it...
Mpho Vackier

5 minutes with interior designer Mpho Vackier

Mpho Vackier (37) left her blossoming career as a metallurgical engineer to become an interior designer. She shares how her childhood dream has become...
jobs of the future

The jobs of the future

You’ve probably heard a lot about the fourth industrial revolution, but are still unsure about what it is and how it will affect you....
your rights as a working mom

Your rights as a working mom

Despite some progress in law and culture, women continue to face varying discrimination in the workplace as many organisations remain slow to transform on...

How to protect your ideas at work

Coming up with ideas and strategies is often part of your job. But, when are the ideas you came up with really yours? Can...
networking to boost your career

Networking like a pro to boost your career

It really is a simple step to getting ahead.

Challenging society through art

The artist shares her excitement about exhibiting at this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair.

Falko – Bringing art to small towns and villages

Through his latest initiative called Once Upon a Town, he paints people’s homes around the country.

WATCH: Denzel Washington has this incredible advice on hard work

Check it out here and get inspired.

Battling with debt? Here’s how you can manage it better.

If you find yourself relying on debt and not your income to survive every month, it is a sign that you need to evaluate your finances to get financial stability.

Booming kota business

Busi Dladla, a township-based entrepreneur, talks to us about the growth of her kota business in Soweto.

Mnikelo Mangciphu – The visionary behind the Soweto Wine and Lifestyle Festival

We chat to one of the founding members of the festival, to shed some light on the Soweto wine revolution.



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