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Claiming from UIF

Basic guide to claiming UIF

Most people are familiar with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), but still struggle when they have to claim. Samke Mhlongo breaks down the process...
understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit score

If you’ve been declined for a personal loan or a dream job, it could have something to do with your credit score. Samke Mhlongo...

Everything you need to know about debt counselling

So, you’re in debt and looking for an affordable and hassle-free way out. If you’re considering debt counselling or consolidation, Samke Mhlongo unpacks what’s...

Live your best life on a budget

Samke Mhlongo shares ways to make your money work better for you. Pictures: XX I was surprised over the holidays when family members expressed that...
home loan application

How to own your dream home

Samke Mhlongo weighs in on the renting, rent-to-own or renting-to-buy debate. How do they work, and which one is best for you to own...

How to get the best from your stokvels

Known as the “Chama” in Tanzania and “Susu” in Ghana, the humble Stokvel is undeniably the most popular savings and investment tool for the...
domestic worker contract

What you need to know in the latest unemployment stats

Stats SA has released the latest quarterly statistics which show a slight increase in unemployment. The Quarterly Labour Force Survey showed that unemployment increased to...

What to know when buying your first or a newer car

Vuyi Mpofu shares a few things every woman should know before buying a car. Purchasing a car can be a frightening experience. And all too...

VAT on sanitary pads to be scrapped

After years of campaigning by activists and various organisations, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has announced that VAT on sanitary pads will be scrapped as...
cannot be without car insurance

7 things to do when you can no longer afford your vehicle payments

These are a few solutions to consider when you can no longer afford your vehicle.
overdraft facility

6 questions to ask about an overdraft facility

Before deciding to apply for an overdraft, here are a few questions you need answered!
Young adults money, financial freedom

Understanding young adults and their money

Young adults and the older generation view money differently.



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