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Discipline your child the right way

Discipline your child the right way

With the Constitutional Court ruling that corporal punishment is illegal in South Africa, here are healthy and effective ways to discipline your children.

Sibling rivalry- when to get involved

Arguments among siblings are not an unhealthy phenomenon. But, parents should be concerned when this becomes a regular occurrence because it can have a...

How to help your shy child child

It’s normal for a child to feel anxious and reserved sometimes. Some children are slow to warm up to new people and social situations....

How to support your child if they’ve failed at school

Whether your little one is in primary school or varsity, they are usually overwhelmed with sadness and frustration when they fail. Therefore, it’s important...

What to do when your child is a bully

Discovering that your child is a bully can be unsettling because the thought of them harming others is troubling. However, you need to help...

Your child and work: what does the law say?

When we think of child labour, we instinctively think of sweatshops, human trafficking and other horrific situations that are a reality in the world...

10 Super foods to help your child focus at school

What kids eat can affect their performance
children don't like vegetables

6 Reasons why children don’t like vegetables

Are you fighting with your kids to make them eat veges?

The importance of speaking to your children in your mother tongue

It's important that children feel a sense of pride for being black.
happy family of four

Introducing your kids to your new man

Dating when you have kids can be challenging. You have to ease them into the new relationship.

How to get your newborn to sleep throughout the night

One of the most common concerns that parents have is how to help baby and you to sleep through the night.



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