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Tag: money management

Why you need life insurance cover

Samke Mhlongo shares the importance of having life insurance in order to ensure that your family is taken care of. It is always sad to...
card skimming

What you need to know about card skimming and shoulder surfing

Don't get caught with your shoulders down.
simple solutions for better money management

4 simple solutions for better money management

The first few months of the New Year are over. How are your New Year resolutions going? For many of us, new goals towards...

How to avoid fighting about money with friends and family

Here's how to handle borrowing money to family or friends.
money lessons

4 crucial money lessons parents should teach their children

Money lessons are crucial for kids, here are a few things you can teach them early.
Kgodiso Mokonyane

Spending habits of SA’s millennials

Spending habits that all South African millennials should avoid.
African women shopping

5 ways to enjoy your pay on Black Friday

You’ll be guaranteed to have a fabulous pay day and Black Friday.

What it takes to get out of debt

Debt is not always a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, it can be very destructive.

The 10 biggest mistakes people make regarding their pension

Tips on how to manage your pension fund

Here’s when you should consider debt review

Applying for debt counselling should be carefully considered as there are both advantages and consequences to this debt relief option.

Tips for buying a house and saving on your home loan

Paying off your bond sooner will not only save you a lot of money; it will also put you in control of your future financial goals.

Budget for your December festivities now

The festive season is the time that most people overspend, and the consequences of this can be felt until well into the New Year.
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