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Tag: Child care

Sibling rivalry- when to get involved

Arguments among siblings are not an unhealthy phenomenon. But, parents should be concerned when this becomes a regular occurrence because it can have a...

How to help your shy child child

It’s normal for a child to feel anxious and reserved sometimes. Some children are slow to warm up to new people and social situations....

How to support your child if they’ve failed at school

Whether your little one is in primary school or varsity, they are usually overwhelmed with sadness and frustration when they fail. Therefore, it’s important...

What to do when your child is a bully

Discovering that your child is a bully can be unsettling because the thought of them harming others is troubling. However, you need to help...

When parents play favourites

By Nosipho Mashologu  Parental favouritism is a topic not often discussed among families, at social gatherings and some institutions. When the topic is eventually brought...

A financial guide for new parents

3 biggest financial tips you will need as a new parent.



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