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Your job and your phone

Can your phone get you fired?

Many people cannot live without their cellphones, and spend so much time looking at them that screen time has become a health concern. Phones...
Thuthukile Moloto

Thuthukile Moloto talks managing a four-star hotel

We find out what you need to study and the experience you need in order to be a general manager of a hotel.
Palesa Mokubung

5 minutes with Palesa Mokubung

Palesa Mokubung is the first African fashion designer to collaborate with retail giant, H&M. She shares how she achieved this incredible feat for her...
Zethu Mashika

5 minutes with music composer Zethu Mashika

Zethu Mashika (34) is an award-winning music composer and film scorer. He shares how his love for creating things led to him stumbling into...
your rights as a working mom

Your rights as a working mom

Despite some progress in law and culture, women continue to face varying discrimination in the workplace as many organisations remain slow to transform on...
Lungisa Sonqishe

5 minutes with life coach Lungisa Sonqishe

He chats to up about his career and partnership with the Surf School of Shine, which is helping to fight youth unemployment in South Africa.

Appropriate work wear- what are your rights?

The world is changing, and what was normal many years ago may not be anymore. So, what does that mean for what counts as...
tips to survive the last working weeks of the year

6 tips to survive the last working weeks of the year

These are a few tips to help you get through the last few weeks of the working year.
chef Zanele

5 minutes with chef Zanele

Author and chef Zanele van Zyl chats to us about her transition from an IT career to becoming a chef.
Dr Mathobela Matjekane

5 minutes with Dr Mathobela Matjekane

Medical Doctor turned entrepreneur, Dr Mathobela Matjekane chats to us about her transition from public to her private healthcare.

How to protect your ideas at work

Coming up with ideas and strategies is often part of your job. But, when are the ideas you came up with really yours? Can...
successful radio career

A successful radio career

The radio producer shares how she got started and worked her way to the top.



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